Sanco sp. z o. o.
43-190 Mikołów, ul. Brzozowa 21
TEL.: +48 32 226 45 91
FAX: +48 32 226 45 92

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     Sanco sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) was set up in 1993 under the name "Mazur" and started its activity in international transport from its very beginning. At that time it had four sets containing MAN and LIAZ truck tractors with semi-trailers.
     In September 1998 there was a merger of two companies: "Mazur" and "Sanco" Agency, which resulted in establishing Sanco sp. z o.o. All the shares were transferred to the present owner.
     The following years saw a dynamic development of the company related to an increase in the fleet and expansion of our business to cover further European countries.

     In addition to transport activity, the company also trades in farm machinery and sells second-hand clothes in its chain shops.

     From its establishment, the company has been a member of the International Association of International Carriers registered under number 0269.